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November 1, 2018

How a Newbie can win an event with Sylvaneth and more!

Episode 7 - November 2018

In this episode you'll learn how a newbie can take out a 40 man event, which Realm artefacts are controversial, how realmscape features can make or break your day and we learn who has the best Nef; Stu or Nate...

The crew discuss the Howling, tactics and Realms before the Winner of the Howling shares all and gives his tips for getting better in tournament play. We also have the views of a tournament organizer and look ahead at November's main content.

With Stu West, Scott Smith, Liam Watt, Nathan Watson and special interviews with Andy Currie and the 2019 AoS Scotland 6 Nations Captain 2019, Mike Callaghan.

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