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February 17, 2019

Timekeeping, Tournament Etiquette and forging the narrative

Episode 18 - February 2019

In this episode the guys show why it's not appropriate to come together last minute on a Friday night to record an episode. The alcohol-fueled debate pitches Generation X against Millennials as technology in AoS is debated - it's fine to disagree!

The unbeaten lists from Hammer of the North are looked at, timekeeping is discussed and listener questions are answered.

Stu is then joined by the 2018 recipient of the 'Immortalised by the Bards' award from Northern Invasion, Grant Mudie, to discuss forging a narrative for your own armies and we look forward to Northern Invasion 2019.

The language and opinions expressed in this episode may not be suitable for younger ears so maybe get the kids to sit this one out...



Stu - @aosbatrep

Scott - @_wee_men

Liam - @liamadamwatt

Nathan - @Nate_watson89

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