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December 24, 2018

The Christmas Edition

December 2018: Ironjawz, The Deployment Phase, Winter FAQ, Brushes and Painting, Speeding up Your Play, and much more...

Stu, Scott, Liam and Nathan finally get around to answering the burning questions of listeners and cover plenty of things from 2018 hobby highlights to tips for Nagash-slaying (or sleighing). We hear about the 2019 event diary and soak ourselves in Christmas Cheer!

Our outro this time features selected Christmas songs from each of the boys so grab some mulled wine, kick back and lets talk some AOS.

If you have any questions of feedback, email us at or message us on Twitter:

Stu - @aosbatrep

Scott - @_wee_men

Liam - @liamadamwatt

Nathan - @nate_watson89


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